This season I’ve decided to post my picks from the collections on Pinterest so they are all in one place and don’t clog up the tumblr page too much (and it’s a really quick way for me to do it while I’m juggling uni, work and hunting for a post-uni job).
    I hope everyone is enjoying fashion week/month!!
    And here is the link… http://pinterest.com/rhiannajayde/springsummer-2014/

  2. Snippets of what I was living and breathing last week…

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane 2013

    I barely slept at all for over a week and when I wasn’t at uni I was at the beautiful venue, the newly restored City Hall running around like a mad women with all the other wonderful helpers.  It was such a great experience to see your hard work play a part in a great event.

  4. Oui Oui Paris!

    Fell head over heels in love with Paris (how cliché?!).  I travelled in June when the weather was beautiful and the tourists hadn’t all arrived yet.  As soon as I stepped back onto Australian soil I was already planning my next trip. I love the vibe of Paris - everyone dresses immaculately without even trying (at least it appears that way) and I can almost feel the creativity in the air.  I couldn’t help but imagine being in Paris in the 1920s, while Coco Chanel was revolutionising fashion and the Fitzgeralds, Hemingway and Dali were roaming the streets and parties.  It is definitely safe to say that Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris has forever prejudiced my opinions of the city of love.  

    A million photos could not represent the love I have for this city and the way I felt while walking its history drenched streets.


  5. Excuses, excuses for another hiatus

    The closer I get to finishing my degree the busier I seem to become.  So much so that the only reason I’ve taken to writing on my blog today is to avoid writing a fashion essay as I have just submitted a fashion presentation and I’m a little brain dead in the academic department.  I am working two internships, a job and full time uni, all while trying to express my creativity on here. 

    Since the last time I blogged a lot has happened in my world, including travelling to the other side of the world, solo.  Hopefully I will get around to posting images from my travels in Europe as well as some images from Brisbane’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival which I worked backstage on for the entire week plus preparations.  

    After tumblr not working on firefox and my refusal to use internet explorer I have finally reverted to chrome and now I should be able to blog to my heart’s content… Just in time for the Spring/Summer 2014 collections [YAY!].

  6. I wish I had a ball to attend. Oscar de la Renta Resort 2014 showed some fun, fresh gowns. Perfect for hanging out in a flower garden. The colours just make me smile!

  7. Gucci Resort 2014 makes me want to have cocktails at a fab bar in Europe over summer. A little over a week and I will be there.

  8. My verdict: THE GREAT GATSBY
    After waiting VERY patiently for Baz Luhrmann’s rendition of one of my favourite stories from one of my favourite time periods (unfortunately, not from experience) I was actually scared to see it. I had read mixed reviews and didn’t want to come out of the cinema disappointed with the story tarnished forever.

    I had to go to an advanced screening to see it a few days before everyone else so I can see it without the opinions of friends and family swirling around in my head.

    Luckily, Baz, Catherine and Jay-Z did an incredible job!! And this is why…
    - Nick tells the story from therapy where is is being treated for alcoholism and anxiety among other things - a great way to set the scene
    - 3D is used extremely well. You feel completely immersed in the roaring 20s and towards the end when Nick is frantically typing away you actually feel apart of the book, great for semi-nerds like myself.
    - The soundtrack. Couldn’t stop listening to it before I saw the film, can’t stop listening now, enough said. Cheers Jay-Z!
    - The sets. Yes some of them aren’t historically correct but they are without a doubt dripping in opulence, which was obviously the goal for the creators.
    - Prada’s costumes weren’t strictly 1920s in the eyes of fashion history but they served their purpose extremely well. It wouldn’t be the same with the gorgeous gowns worn by Mulligan and Debicki but you don’t spend the entire time staring at the clothing. This should be the ultimate goal for all films if I recall my studies in film costume correctly. And the Tiffany & Co jewels are to die for. Catherine Martin, I applaud you.

    The majority of people present at the screening hadn’t actually read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece (I know, what is wrong with them?) and were probably expecting an uplifting, over the top, 1920s retrospect filled with flappers, bootleg booze and mansions. And that’s exactly what the first half of the movie delivers. But as we know, the second half is not so bright and cheery. Probably the most powerful scene is in a room at the Plaza where Gatsby and Buchanan finally come head to head. The actors are all brilliant in this scene and there are no elaborate settings or camera effects to carry them. It’s fabulous!

    I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone! I will be going back to see it again with family and friends over the coming weekend.

  9. Fendi Resort 2014
    Completely aced it! I would buy many pieces from this collection if my budget allowed. Loving the monogram worked into the outfit in the second look and I would do anything to get my hands on the cross body Peek-a-Boo in look four. A perfect mix of streamlined tailoring and sport luxe with a splash of luxury materials - divine!

  10. Style crush of the moment

    Elizabeth Debicki

    Although most people’s eyes have been on Carey Mulligan for the publicity tour of The Great Gatsby, I was more taken by Elizabeth Debicki at the Sydney premiere of the soon-to-be blockbuster.  Wearing Dior she stood out - tall, blonde and beautiful.  I always preferred Jordan to the vague Daisy anyway. 

    Speaking of Gatsby goodness, I just bought tickets to an advanced screening on Monday night, cannot wait!  I have been awaiting the release of the movie for over a year and when the release date was pushed back from Boxing Day 2012 I was less than pleased.  Hopefully the extra time in post-production will be worth it though.

  13. Brighten up your look with these fab accessories.

    Stockists: Net-A-Porter.com & jeanbrown.com.au

  14. I always prefer what’s on show in the Spring/Summer fashion weeks over the Autumn/Winter ones.  I’m drawn to colour and ‘daringness’ which is made a little harder in the cooler months, although not for Saint Laurent under the reign on Hedi Slimane but that’s another long, long story for another day. Three labels that blew me away with their accessories were Christian Dior (Raf Simons can do no wrong lately), Lanvin and Dolce & Gabbana.  I love nothing more than designer shoes and handbags (shallow I know, but I don’t care) and Raf Simons at Dior brought the two together, printing shoes on gorgeous ladylike bags designs.  Lanvin’s accessories were quite demure but were still just simply beautiful.   But Dolce & Gabbana took a risk with crazy heels and church ceiling inspired prints on the bags and for me it paid off and I just cannot stop looking through the images from the presentation.


    Henry Holland has collaborated with Australian chain store Sportsgirl to create a super fun capsule collection that will inject some serious colour into your winter wardrobe.  The collab is selling fast with many sizes sold out online in various styles.  Now to decide which piece I must have… 

    Pictured above: Print trimmed shirt $120, dress $150, pullover $100, slogan tee $80.  Full collection available at sportsgirl.com.au